Training Cats to Use a Human Toilet

This fad seems to be on the rise, with numerous videos of cats using a human toilet surfacing online. The benefits involve cutting down on expenses regarding litter, garbage bags, the litter box, and eliminating odour and cleaning are added bonuses. Even a special training device, the Litter Kwitter, was invented for the purpose of training cats to use the toilet. So, it is possible, but obviously this takes time and patience. Here’s how to do it!

How It Works

The Litter Kwitter is placed on the toilet, with adjustments for different stages of the training. The first stage is placed over the toilet, it is basically a regular litter box, to get your cat used to getting onto the toilet. The second stage contains litter like the first but now has a small hole in the middle opening into the toilet bowl. In the third stage, the hole is larger. The goal is to gradually wean your cat off the litter box while adjusting them to using the toilet. Eventually, the Litter Kwitter is taken off and the cat should be used to using the toilet.

The Training

First, the cat should get used to the Litter Kwitter. Place the first stage without any holes on the ground, instead of the regular litter box. Put your cat inside the Litter Kwitter so they can see it contains their regular litter and so they can get used the way it looks. The next step is to place the Litter Kwitter, still in stage one onto the toilet. Place your cat onto it once it is already on top of toilet, so they know and recognize the changed location of their litter. Then gradually, once you see your cat is doing well and using it without any accidents, change the stages in progression. Add less litter with each stage, to the point where there is no litter at all. Then, remove the Litter Kwitter altogether. Each stage should take about two to three weeks. If your cat is having trouble adapting, go back to an earlier stage and let them take their time.

With these steps and the Litter Kwitter, your cat should be able to learn how to use a human toilet. Reward them with treats when they are successful, good luck and happy training!

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