Which Pet is Better?: Cats Vs. Dogs

Ultimately the population of the world can be divided into two categories: cat people and dog people. Here, we will reinvigorate the age-old debate on who makes the better companion by comparing them as pets. After all, it is a matter of personal taste, but there are certainly some elements to consider.

  1. Level of care involved. Without question, dogs are more high maintenance. Dogs need to be walked daily (despite the weather and your personal schedule) for exercise and to go to the bathroom, and be bathed regularly. Cats are easily litter trained and do not need to be walked (they can be let outside if they are outdoor cats) and take care of their own grooming. Both cats and dogs need their nails trimmed and hair brushed.
  2. Level of damage to be prepared for. This is something you must consider and accept as an inevitability before you take a pet into your home, they are after all animals. Ultimately, this will depend on how you raise them and their individual personality. Cats have a tendency to scratch furniture and curtains while dogs can chew up personal belongings such as shoes and pillows, but both can be trained against these behaviours. Depending on the breed, both cats and dogs can shed a lot, but these are breeds for both that do not shed (or shed minimally).
  3. Companionship. In this field, dogs are probably the better option. Of course, there are really loyal, cuddly, loving cats that will follow you around the house and will always be by your side. However, dogs can be taken anywhere and are comfortable riding in cars, cats – not so much. Although it is tough to generalize, it is more likely that your cat will enjoy spending time alone doing their own thing which depending on you, is maybe a good or bad thing.
  4. Personality. Here, it really just depends on the individual personality of the animal, however there are traits general to both species. Going forward, most of these comments are generalizations or stereotypes which obviously have their exceptions. Cats may spend more of the day sleeping than dogs, and can find their own entertainment around the house for hours a day. Dogs on the other hand are more likely to be where the action is, or be near their owner. Cats have a reputation for being stand-offish, but this is really possibly a great generalization. Meanwhile, dogs are indisputably friendly. Their predator’s instinct makes cats more mischievous, and just over all cats tend to have more complex attitudes, displaying a wide range of positive and negative emotions, making them more interesting. Dogs are more predictable and easy to please, they are usually just happy if you are.

With those four things in mind, with pros and cons for both options, it comes down to your lifestyle and what you are looking for in a companion. They are both good in their own ways – but different. Hopefully this guide can help you find the animal friend right for you!

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