How to Trim Cat Nails the Safe Way

cat-nail clipping

Any cat owner will be familiar the inevitable nightmare of ruined furniture, clothes and curtains from their scratching. Luckily there are harmless solutions to ease your worries, one of which is trimming their nails. When done correctly, nail trimming will not hurt your cat and if done regularly will prevent any more damage to your belongings. However, it is extremely important to emphasize that there is a correct and incorrect way of doing this. Cutting a cat’s nails incorrectly can nick the nerve ending inside their nail and cause them pain and result in blood. To prevent this here is a guide to trimming their nails in a safe and efficient manner!

Getting Started

The Right Environment: Take your cat into a quiet room with no distractions and no stimulation that will encourage stress. The atmosphere should be calm and patient so your cat does not feel the need to resist.

Positioning: Lay your cat on their back on your lap facing away from you so you can comfortably hold one paw at a time.

How to Clip the Nails

Nail Clippers for Cats: There are special nail clippers that should be used made specifically for cat nails that can be bought at any pet store. These ensure the nail can be clipped efficiently and safely, and are a cheap one time purchase worth investing in!

Finding the Nail: To find your cat’s nails gently press on the pad on their paw and their nails will come out. Be careful not to cause pain while doing this, it should be done carefully and slowly.

Where to Clip: The nerve ending is the pink coloured part inside the nail. To ensure you do not damage this area clip only the white, clear part of the nail and only the very tip of the nail far from the nerve to be sure. It is better to trim the nails a little but often instead of hurting them and having them be scarred from the experience.

With these tips in mind, cutting your cat’s nail can be done independently, at your leisure and whenever it is needed. If you or your cat do not feel comfortable with nail clipping it is best to leave the work to a professional groomer who can do it safely.

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