Winter Skin And Fur Care for Dogs

This is the second installment of winter care tips for man’s best friend, with the previous article detailing paw care for dogs. Now that winter has officially begun the road maintenance units sparing salt on the drive ways and pathways especially north of the Greater Toronto Area, like Richmond Hill, Newmarket and Aurora. Don’t forget about the impact it may have on our beloved furry friends. The harsh winter weather can cause discomfort and changes to any healthy coat, so below are some tips in easing the inevitably cold months ahead.

Brushing: Needless to say this needs to be done all year long but especially during winter for the following reasons. Walks in the snow or icy rain can cause knotting and clumps in fur causing discomfort during movement. Brushing resolves this while stimulating good blood circulation and so helping the skin.

Dressing Up: Exposure to cold temperatures and wind can make the skin dry and flaky. There are plenty of stylish options on the market for your pets that will also protect their skin from the cold.

Temperature Changes: Constantly coming in from the cold into a warm house and back out again leaves the skin dry, itchy and flaky. To prevent this, install a humidifier in your house to keep up the skin’s moisture.

Avoid Regular Bathing: While this is another necessity, during the winter it is important not to do it in excess. Soap and shampoo baths strip the skin of its natural protective oils that are essential to skin health in the wintertime.

Trimming: Long fur, especially around the paws, can trap ice, salt, and slush from the outdoors not only leaving a mess when it is brought inside but can also hold on to materials that can be irritating to the skin. Make sure long fur is trimmed as a preventative and minimalizing measure.

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