Winter Paw Care for Dogs

With winter coming up it is important to be mindful of its effects on man’s best friend. No matter the season dogs need to be walked regularly to ensure they go to the bathroom and get fresh air and exercise. Winter however, brings certain hazards to a dog’s paws that need to be looked out for. Here are some tips on keeping your dog happy and cozy in wintertime!

The Ice Removing Solutions is the worst “nightmare” for all dog owners! Although they may be helpful to pedestrians and drivers, salt can be a problem for dogs during winter. When dogs walk with bare paws on salty ground it is irritating to their skin and causes discomfort. In extreme cases there may be blood and difficulty in walking due to the pain. Beyond salt, there are other hazardous chemicals used for ice removal. If residue remains on the paws and causes irritation, dogs may try to lick their paws to ease discomfort. Ingesting these chemicals is dangerous for their health.

Here are a few tips that will help you stay away for troubles:

Footwear: Little boots can be bought to be worn on the paws when outside. These offer a protective barrier against possible injuries.

Washing: If your dog spends time walking on the roads with bare paws, wash them immediately when returning home to prevent irritation and ingestion of chemicals.

The Right Path: Make sure your dog on walks along clean snow and avoids the pavement.

Moisturizing: Moisturize the paws with moisturizer suitable for dogs to keep them protected and soft.

Avoiding Extreme Cold: Your dog’s paws may be at risk from extreme cold. Keep walks short during especially cold weather to avoid frost bite and discomfort.

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