Tips For Choosing Good Quality Dog Food

Just as you would pay attention to what you are eating, and scan the ingredients list in the food you buy, so should you for your animal companion. A good diet is key in disease prevention, a healthy coat and the general well-being of your dog. Before buying dog food it is important to do your research and select good quality food that will provide nourishment and a balanced diet. Below are several factors to consider when buying food for your dog:

Marketing & Price

Bright packaging, pictures of happy dogs and words like “natural”, “organic” and “healthy” do not guarantee quality. With cheap food you get what you pay for, it is more likely that the brand reduces costs by skimping on whole foods and uses substitutions. Research what brands would be a good fit for your dog or ask your veterinarian for advice.


To get an idea of what you are paying for take a look at the first ingredients of the dog food. Ideally, they should be whole foods like fruits, vegetables, fish and meat. Ingredients such as “by-products” or “meal” and generic terms like “animal fat” and “meat” are inferior in quality and do not provide the full range of benefits as whole foods. Added vitamins and minerals cannot replace nutritious fruits and vegetables. Nutrition density is another thing to consider. Ingredients should be protein heavy with nutritious meats instead of grain based.

Ultimately, the best advice is to try to simulate a carnivorous diet as closely as possible. Salmon, pork, beef liver, venison and other identified whole meats are a plus over additives, preservatives and grains.

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