A Love Like Hachiko: A Dog Story

The greatest story ever told about a human and animal love is of Hachiko, Japan’s most loyal dog.

Hachiko’s bronze statue now stood proudly at the corner of the famous Shibuya crossing, facing the JR East Gate. Hachi, as named by his owner Eizaburo Ueno were best friends, and Eizaburo was believed to have loved Hachi as his son. Everyday, Hachi would wait for his master to come out of the train station after work.

Sometime in 1921, he was waiting for Eizaburo, who never came home. He died at work. Everyday for more than 10 years, Hachi was seen waiting for him at the same spot, diligently and patiently whether under the rain, shine or snow.

The story became a worldwide hit and in 2009, a Hollywood film was made in his honor.

Such inspiring story would later inspire millions of people to start looking at their dogs with a different kind of affection – a man’s best friend, most loyal animal.

This kind of attention also breathes life to animal clinics and hospitals, pet grooming salons, pet shops, and even animal parks.

And why not? A dog like Hachiko is worth every bit of attention.

Hence, taking care of your pets is the first step to getting really close to them. While training will help, giving them that extra TLC will surely provide them that feeling of ‘need, warmth and love’. A good bath, a medicine to remove their ticks, a shampoo and a good grooming in general will not only benefit the (dog) owner but will surely great for the emotional well-being of the dog itself.

Getting your dog (or other pets) to love you back will take plenty of efforts. It will take getting used to.  In Canada, animal grooming comes easy with plenty of animal pets, animal hotels and even mobile animal groomers. The latter makes giving that love to our pets extra easy.

Several dog psychologists explained that like humans, they (dogs) too need a healthy dose of affection, attention and discipline to feel more secure, happier and behave in a way that they are truly part of a group such as a family.

So if we shop for our family, if we tend to the needs of our family, then we should also attend to the needs of our pets, specifically dogs. This way, we know that they feel loved and perhaps, we will raise our very own Hachiko someday.

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