7 Main Reasons To Get A Dog

  1. Cuddle buddy. Always readily available for a snuggle, dogs are the perfect addition to Netflix in bed. As long as you don’t mind them taking up most of the space!
  2. Play mate. Dogs come in a package deal with endless entertainment. You want proof of how amusing they are? Just watch the countless videos online of them being their derpy, happy selves.
  3. Work out partner. Finally, someone who is always ready to go, and in accordance with your schedule too! Take your dog running while you hit the trails on your bike, jog side by side or play tag in a field or park.
  4. Mood booster. Many people feel like their dog knows when they are upset and that they show empathy. Having a beloved companion by your side when you’re down is always better than being alone.
  5. Personal appreciator. Coming home to a wave of excitement over your arrival is a great, great feeling. Nothing gives an ego boost, a feeling of appreciation and being loved like a hyperactive, overjoyed dog welcoming you every time you make an entrance.
  6. Motivation station. Want to be more disciplined and learn to become a morning person? Get a dog and you will have to! They need their walk regardless of whether you want to sleep in or not. It keeps you active, take you outdoors into nature, and the happy, trotting dog by your side will show you mornings aren’t so bad after all.
  7. Wellness guru. No one masters the art of happiness quite like a dog. We could learn a thing or two from our canine friends about living in the moment and simply being happy to be alive.

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